Biosafety Center

The IFIK operates a biosafety center that supports and accompanies a wide range of risk-based activities involving pathogenic and genetically modified organisms. The aim is to protect humans and the environment from the hazards associated with the activities. The Biosafety Center has broad expertise in all areas of biosafety. It is based on both national legal foundations (Ordinance on the Protection of Workers against Risks from Microorganisms (SAMV, SR 832.3212), the Containment Ordinance (ESV, SR 814.9121) and international guidelines and standards (e.g. WHO, EU, OIE, etc.). As a member of the most important biosafety associations (SBNet, ABSA, EBSA, IVBWG, etc.), it is networked nationally and internationally. This ensures that expertise is state of the art. The Biosafety Center provides expert technical support and advice on the following topics:

  • Risk assessments for activities with pathogenic and genetically modified microorganisms
  • Safety measures when handling organisms
  • Trainings
  • Disinfection / Decontamination / Fumigation
  • Sample shipment and transport of biological samples
  • Preparation and implementation of biosafety concepts
  • Audits
  • Laboratory renovations / new laboratory buildings