Clinical microbiology

Head of Clinical microbiology

Deputy Head of Clinical microbiology:

Academic management
Barbani, Maria Teresa, Dr. med., FAMH Microbiology, (cell-based virology, special analytics infectious serology) email
Bittel, Pascal, Dr. phil. nat. (Molecular Analytics) email
Casanova, Carlo, Dr. phil. nat., FAMH Microbiology (Mycobakeriology) email
Droz, Sara, Dr. pharm., (Special Analytics Bakertiology) email
Elzi, Maria Verena, Dr. med., FAMH Microbiology (Resistance testing expertise) email
Mühlethaler, Konrad, Dr. med., FAMH Microbiology (Mycology) email
Oberli, Alexander, Dr. phil. nat., FAMH Microbiology (parasitology) email
Ramette, Alban, PD Dr. sc. nat. (Next Generation Sequencing) email
Steinlin-Schopfer, Jaqueline, M. sc., (Cell-based virology) email
Academic staff
Häffner, Nicola, Dr. sc. nat. email
Jeckelmann, Claire , Dr. phil. nat. email
Jeannet, Natalie , Dr. phil. nat., FAMH Microbiology
Koller, Roger, M. Sc. med., FAMH Microbiology
Neunschwander, Stefan, Dr. sc. nat. email
Schaller, Sarah, MD,PhD, FAMH Microbiology email
Terrazos, Miguel, M. sc. email
Uster, Stephanie, Dr. phil. nat.
Zihler Berner, Annina, Dr. sc. ETH
Furrer, Lavinia, M. sc. email