Accreditation & Quality management

Accreditation is the formal recognition of the professional competence of a body to perform a specific service described in the accredited field of activity.

The Department of Clinical Microbiology has been accredited since 09.12.2002 as a testing laboratory for bacteriological, mycological, parasitological, virolgical and infection immunological diagnostics within human medicine according to ISO/IEC 17025 (STS 0363). High-performance microbiological diagnostics based on modern methods are offered. Type-C accreditation, which was granted to us, allows the development of new methods within the impartial university environment. The accuracy of the analytics is continuously checked by external interlaboratory tests.

The management sets as quality objectives the achievement and maintenance of the highest level of performance and quality, and directs the development of the employed staff towards these objectives.
The quality management system defines the necessary factors for achieving the quality objective.

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