Gut Microbiology - Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hapfelmeier-Balmer


Gut-protective bacterial engineering

In this project we investigate the potential of genetically engineered strains of intestinal pathogenic (including Salmonella serovar Typhimurium) and commensal species as protective bacteria that are optimized to induce specific mucosal immunity and colonization resistance against diarrheal pathogens safely. Innovative synthetic intestinal microbial consortia and sequencing based omics approaches are utilized to elucidate the underlying mechanisms, microbe-host and microbe-microbe interactions.

One Health

Interfaculty Research Cooperation (IRC)

The Interfaculty Research Cooperation (IRC) "One Health: Cascading and Microbiome-Dependent Effects on Multitrophic Health" deals with an increasingly important area of research, in which interactions between the health of the environment, animals and humans are investigated. In collaboration with 9 research groups of the University of Bern we are investigating the influence of common environmental toxins on food chain systems – from soil to plants to ruminants and finally mice as a model organism for human health.

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