Bioinformatics & Biostatistics - Alban Ramette

Created in September 2016, the Bioinformatics/Biostatistics group at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, University of Bern, Switzerland focuses on high-throughput sequencing for clinical research and diagnostic applications. The group has developed a portfolio of applications including long read sequencing of bacterial and viral genomes using nanopore sequencing, hybrid assemblies (combination of long and short reads) of multidrug resistant bacterial genomes and of their plasmids, multiplexing for batch sequencing. The group is active in developing both molecular laboratory protocols and bioinformatic pipelines to gain maximal insights into microbial and viral genomics. The group has also expertise in NGS analysis and statistical analysis of large datasets typically found in clinical and environmental microbiology.

Head Bioinformatics/Biostatistics Group

Dr. Alban Ramette

Tel: +41 31 632 95 40

Institut für Infektionskrankheiten
Universität Bern
Friedbühlstrasse 51
3001 Bern, Schweiz